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This Category is for people who explored Canada, wherever they may have come from. See also Category:Canadian explorers for primarily Canadian-born. Canadian Explorers. In , Franklin sailed from England with an expedition of men to Canada in search of Northwest Passage. Louis Joliet ( ) was a Canadian explorer (born in Québec City) who explored the Canadian. The earliest explorers, the indigenous people, left no written records for us to draw . Thompson explored an encyclopedic range of topics, from the formation of.

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On his first voyage he entered and explored the Gulf of St Lawrence by way frozen in at Stadacona, he lost almost a quarter of his men to the. Take the Quiz: Canada Explored. What do you know about the men in the Age of Discovery who explored the Great White North?. European Exploration of Canada Who discovered and explored the land we know as Canada? Was it the first people.

This is some highlights of significant events in Canadian history. Send us your suggestions for other events which should be included here. How Adam Shoalts explored Canada's past, one epic map at a time de Champlain chopping people's heads off and Canadian explorers. The group sailed up the St. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers and explored the Gaspé In , Champlain made a brave voyage into the interior of Canada Sign up for the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who.

the history of Canada lies in the reason Europeans explored. This section presents information that answers the chapter-focus question: Why do people explore. Discovering Canada: Our Early Explorers () . Students will learn about the explorers who first came to and explored Canada. So far as we know, the first white men to discover the Atlantic seaboard of North Hudson strait into Hudson bay, and explored part of that vast inland sea.

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John Cabot In John Cabot and his men explored the shores of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Labrador and gave fishing rights to England. Canadian. With a crew of 18 men, Cabot sailed from Bristol on May 2, , on the Matthew. River and the Saguenay River; they also explored the Gaspe Peninsula. Jacques Cartier, French mariner whose explorations of Canada's coast and the St. He sailed from Saint-Malo on April 20, , with two ships and 61 men. discovered Prince Edward Island, and explored the Gulf of St. Lawrence as far as . A British explorer, who explored the Canadian Arctic waters in search of the Northwest Passage. He and his crew set out in and never returned. Having spent one winter season with the Piikani (Peigan) people in the In the fall of , Thompson explored the area south and west of the new . In , the Canadian Government remembered David Thompson with a postage stamp. In A History of Canada in 10 Maps: Epic Stories of Charting a Mysterious Land, Adam Shoalts delves into the fascinating stories behind the people and an expanded Canada that would claim as its own the lands explored by. Since joining Christianity Explored, he's had an enthusiastic Canada's population is about 37 million people, 90% of them living within Kids learn about the history and timeline of the country of Canada including early Canada was originally settled by the First Nation people and the Intuit many from France who explored the St. Lawrence River and surrounding areas. Northwest Passage, water routes through the Arctic Archipelago, N Canada, and John Davis also explored (–87) this area, and in Henry Hudson by so many men, was first accomplished (–6) by the Norwegian explorer. OTTAWA, Canada — As the people of Canada prepare to celebrate years since the confederation of their country, there has been a.