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How do you say my dear in Italian? You simply say “caro” (to a male) or “cara” (to a female). Pay attention that the literal translation “mio caro”, “mia cara”, sounds pretty over the top, and is therefore chiefly - if not exclusively - used in an ironic, sarcastic or. Need to translate my dear to Italian? Here's how you say it. Italian Translation of “my dear” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. Most of us know when we have to say sorry, but when we're not speaking.

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How to say My dear in Italian. Includes translation from English and pronunciation. With Valentine's Day just around the corner (and because Italian is, after all, Caro/cara – Dear Thank you my treasure, the necklace is beautiful! heaping plates of spaghetti alla carbonara, you'll need something to say. How do you say, to start an email, to address a very close friend: My dear Allessandra Is it: I do get what you say though, I wonder what an Italian might say. Cara mia or Caro mio would translate into English as My dear.

Learn to speak Italian bit by bit: your personal Italian language dictionary and guide to the My love, Amore mio, Ah-more-ay mee-oh. My darling / sweetheart. I polled my Italian in-laws for advice on some of the best and most common Italian English speakers often say “Honey,” “Babe” or “Dear” (to name just a few!). For instance, it is perfectly acceptable to say in Italian “sei un angelo” as “caro amico” (“dear friend”) or “caro mio” (“my dear”), with the female.

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“Tesoro” (Darling). “Cuore mio” (My heart). “Bella” (Lovely). “Gioia” (Joy). “Stella” ( Star). “Luce dei miei occhi” (Light of my eyes). But why not try. You don't need to be from Italy to say love you in Italian in different mia stella: You are a star my star; Cara mia, ti voglio bene: My darling, I love you. I would like to know how to address a husband and wife; he was my Italian I don't know how to address them- they were happy for me to speak informally with . dear translate: caro, caro, caro, caro, cara, caro, adorabile, affabile, caro; egregio, tesoro, Translation of dear - English-Italian dictionary Don't cry, my dear. Translations in context of my dear in English-Italian from Reverso Context: my dear friend, my dear fellow, my dear boy, my dear friends, my dear mr. For learning · Italian / Written in · Japanese / Category · Language odd when I go to the post office and the cachier keeps calling me honey, love, my dear. Translation for 'my dear' in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations. How to express love and affection in Italian. Tesoro – darling (translates literally to 'treasure'). Amore – love. Stella/stellina – literally, 'star'. Here is an assortment of some of my favorite Italian terms of endearment, which in old-fashioned English we might say something that is too costly is “too dear. Like all good Italian students, I studied my endless lists of nouns and verb And during that first year I clung on to those little words for dear life. There are lots of ways to say 'lots of' in Italian and this is one word you'll really.