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Ridged potato chips are dipped into tempered milk chocolate for an elegant treat that everyone will enjoy. This recipe also works for pretzels, popcorn and any. Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips: An easy recipe and surprisingly delicious combination of sweet and salty. These Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips are a delicious sweet and salty treat! Learn how easy it is to make chocolate-covered potato chips at.

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How to Make Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. Chocolate covered chips are a decadent snack. They create an unusual combination of sweet. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or the microwave. Dip each chip two-thirds of the way into the melted chocolate, then set on waxed paper and sprinkle with. This chocolate covered potato chips recipe came into existence when friends invited the author over to watch football and asked her to bring.

These easy chocolate dipped potato chips are a hands-down winner! Perfect for holiday giving. Even better for midnight snacking. And ideal for party or game. These easy chocolate dipped potato chips are a hands-down winner! Perfect for holiday giving. Even better for midnight snacking. And ideal for. The beauty of this recipe is the simplicity: chips + melted chocolate = gooood. You can customize it to you taste—don't like dark chocolate?.

These Chocolate Covered Potato Chips are one those amazing two ingredient things you should make for every occasion. Be careful, they can. Ingredients. 1 bar ( oz.) semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, chopped. 28 ridged potato chips. Crushed pretzels, chopped peanuts, or flaky. Chocolate-covered potato chips are a quick, easy and cost-effective 2-ingredient treat.

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Should I make my first time home owning girlfriend a house warming gift I first had Chocolate Covered Potato Chips at Rocky Mountain. Chocolate Covered Pringles - This tasty treat is easy to make and will be hard to keep on hand. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips is a family. Main ingredients, Potato chips, chocolate or cocoa solids · Cookbook: Chocolate- covered potato chips · Media: Chocolate-covered potato chips. Chocolate- covered potato chips are an American snack food or confectionery, consisting of . Not even one tiny bit. I shouldn't even call this a recipe, as it's really not. But, after I had the idea to make these Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. Smooth milk chocolate all smashed up with potato chips for an That's when it occurred to me to melt the chocolate and make clusters. Bam. Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe. Chocolate covered potato chips are sooo much better than they sound! You have to try just one to experience. Chippers Recipe ~ These Chocolate Covered Potato Chips are the Perfect Sweet & Salty Combo! Quick, Easy Holiday Recipe Great for. Crazy simple to make and absolutely delicious, Chocolate Covered Potato Chips! Perfect for a gift from your kitchen. Whenever I give these candies as gifts or serve them to guests, they're conversation starters! The savory-sweet combination makes a tempting treat. — Marcille. A homemade treat doesn't get easier (or more delicious) than our chocolate covered potato chips. If you like salty-sweet combos, you'll love.