How to make an extra hole in your belt

Between these 6 methods, there's bound to be one that matches the tools you personally have on hand in order to make a new hole in your. A leather hole punch is ideal, but with patience you can achieve a relatively tidy hole with an electric drill, or even a Phillips-head screwdriver. Purchase a leather hole punch. If you want the new belt hole to be as tidy and discreet as possible, a leather hole punch is by far. Use a leather hole punch to put a new hole in your belt it's easy. Here are three smart ways to do it right and extend the life of your old belts.

how to put a hole in a belt with scissors

Soon you'll have your extra hole. I just use pressure on the belt's metal tongue to make a mark, then take off the belt and drill through with the. DIY Belt Holes: last week I purchaced a belt from a retail store before trying it on, many views they were getting, so I want to continue to help you guys create. Put the belt on and mark where you want the new hole to be with a pen. Take the belt off and secure it, good side up, to a piece of wood, using.

There is a device, a “heavy duty leather punch” with various sizes of sharp hollow tubes that are used to cut the holes. You turn the wheel the. Mark your belt whereyou want to add holes. If you are going to end up What's the best way to make extra holes in a leather belt? Views. Sometimes an extra hole is needed to accomodate the weight loss or weight gain fluctuation that the How to Make a Leather Belt Smell Good.

how to poke a hole in a belt with scissors

Add Extra Belt Holes to Your Leather Belt already in the belt to see which one was closest in size, and I used that one to create new holes. As long as you have an awl or even a large nail in your home, you can easily add an extra hole to your belt. If you want to make sure it blends in. Use a leather hole punch to put a new hole in your belt it's easy. Here are three the wrong size. How to Add Extra Belt Holes to a Leather Belt Leather Belts. GET THE RIGHT FIT AND COMFORT by adding extra holes to adjust your . had the right tool that only took a few seconds to make an extra hole in that belt?. How to punch extra (non-crappy looking) holes into a belt. July 13, I need to figure out what to do my flopping ends I've heard about fashion tape, but I. Gucci Marmont Belt - how to read the sizing chart and figure out a period of two years and I don't regret spending the extra money one bit. the holes but you can't make them smaller. Find out how to poke extra holes in your leather belt on back on how I make out adding new holes to my backpack and belts. When we started out in our belts also used to h. So, by moving along a hole you create a better balance between buckle and tip. well be sensible to allow a little extra breathing space between this and the buckle. Review: 10 Best Hole Punch Tools for Leathercraft. You can select the suitable diameter and make a puncture without any efforts or assistance. You can open an additional eyelet in your belt, shoes, watch and wrist band, horse .. leather belts that just don't fit him right so I just punch him a few extra holes and they suit . I figured if anyplace knew about adding holes to a belt this would be it! I don't own a leather punch, how well would a drill work? If I need it to look nice do I need.