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There are several symptoms that could lead to noise or a clicking sound in your car. These reason range from a bad cv joint to loose brake. Q: I put new brake drums on the back and new shoes. Still hear like a ticking noise when I put on the brakes. Only on the right side. Can't feel it. It turns out that the brake pads were improperly installed. Furthermore, the problem seemed to occur far more often when the breaks were wet.

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Oh, P.S What I learned today is that when I pull on just the e-brake, it'll also make the noise. So, perhaps I can isolate it to just the rear shoe. Just did the 4 wheel brake job. rotors pads on front, drums and shoes on rear. Driving for 10 days and noticing a clicking sound. Problems/Service/Repairs - Rear Brakes clicking noise - Our lt makes a clicking in the rear brakes only under light braking at slow speeds.

A common problem reported to repair shops is that the brakes are making noise. Here is a list of Brake Noise Solutions from Know Your Parts. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Thumping Noise From the Rear When Braking. This brake issue is one. after about 20 minutes of driving i can hear a loud clicking noise when applying the brakes at low speeds. (rear end) it isn't cv + axle related, as.

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I hear a clicking noise when braking (coming from rear) and a popping noise upon releasing brakes from stop. I should also mention that I had replaced wheel . After the install when I brake the driver side front has a clicking noise as I am stopping. . The pads on the rear of my car are too short and do the same thing. Whenever i use the brakes i hear this rhythmic clicking noise. i only hear it when i brake and i only hear it in the rear. I have replaced the wheel. If you have disc brakes, it could be the brake pads sliding around a little and knocking into the calipers when applied. If this is the case, you may. Just did the 4 wheel brake job. Rotors + pads on front, drums and shoes on rear. Driving for 10 days and noticing a clicking sound from the rear passenger side. I have checked the rear brake caliper and pretty much everything else, If you think its your brakes, is there a peridoic clicking sound or just. Get clicking noise under braking in right (passenger) rear. Have replaced drums and brake shoes. Not a bad bearing. - Answered by a verified. Bicycle Mechanics - Clacking / Clicking noise when applying rear brake on - Hi, Just bought a Cannondale CAAD10 with the Ultegra. Problem: After replacing my pads and rotors, I hear a chirping sound Solution: Always inspect the rear brakes when you do front brake I just replaced my front brake pads and now hear a steady clicking noise when driving. Does anyone here a clicking sounds near the rear wheel area when accelerating Early builds have a pin that out of spec in the rear brakes.